For over 10 years, Guisan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has been the "go-to" company for quality HVAC system maintenance, repairs and installation in Miami, FL. We´ve been trusted by clients with in South Florida to provide all their HVAC needs.. Call Guisan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today for service to the following systems:

  • Split Systems
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Run/Start Capacitors
  • Transformers
  • Cooling Relays
  • Flow Switches
  • Evaporator Coils and Condensing Coils
  • Fan Motors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Installation of Condensing Cages
  • Replace Grills
  • Geothermal Heating
  • Package Units

*Refrigerant Leak Search
*Carbon Monoxide
*Duct Cleaning Service
*Leak Repair
*Repair any Furnace
*Repair Condensers
*Relocate Condensers
*Comfort Systems
*Freon Charges
*Replace Compressors
*Duct Work
*Heater Tune Ups
*A/C Tune Ups
*Package Units
*Evaporator Coils
*Heat Pumps
*Air Cleaners
*Comfort Controls
*Wireless Technology
*Zone Systems
*Treated Air Sanitation
*Air Purifiers

Looking for parts for your AC or looking for portable AC systems for your home and they don't have them in your country or are they too expensive? Are you in South or Central America? Caribbean? Doesn't matter in what part of the world you live in. We happen to ship anywhere! Please give us a call or email us at Please allow us up to 24 hours for us to respond regarding pricing of HVAC parts and systems including shipping costs as well. If you have any further questions please contact Stephanie Ruiz at 305-258-5305 for immediate response.

As the HVAC industry leader we can deliver a complete range of heating, air conditioning and air quality products and maintenance services to assure your home comfort. So whether you need HVAC repair service, HVAC maintenance or a new, high-efficiency A/C system, call us today at 305-258-5305 or set an appointment fill up the form on contact us page or email us at You'll be glad you did.
We guarantee it, 100%

We offer a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan that takes the guesswork out of keeping your system running smoothly.

  • Acid Wash Coil Clean
  • Main Drain Line Flush
  • Clean Filters
  • Top off Refrigerant (R-22 or R410A)
  • Cleaning the Drain Pan

If you are looking for a new unit, either to replace a broken one or simply get more efficient indoor comfort, we offer a wide range of quality products and the technicians to expertly install them. Call for an estimate on which product is right for you.


Don´t let yourself be caught off guard by the harsh summer months. Call Guisan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today for service to the following systems:

  • Split System
  • Heat Pumps
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heating
  • Package Unit Systems

HVAC consultation heating system installations

From initial consultation to the entire design-build process of your in-home heating system, you can count us to manage your project from start to finish with professionalism, efficiency and our industry's best practices, such as:

  • Turn-key project management
  • Free in-home consultation with an HVAC expert
  • Custom home projects

For any HVAC Repairs, Installations and Maintenance in the South Florida Area call 305-258-5305. 24/7 Emergency Services Available